Namman Muay is a traditional Thai medicinal product developed from indigenous knowledge. It has been used for a long time to care for athletes, laboreres and Thai boxers alike. It is highly neneficial for alleviating muscle soreness and injuries during training or matches, making it a staple in the muay thai community. Devakam Apothecary Hall, the manufacturer of Namman Muay was founded back in 1930 in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time the founder of the company pharmacist Thongtos Intratat, a boxing enthusiast and gym owner, formulated the original composition of the Namman Muay liniment, so he could help his boxers to warm up faster before boxing matches. The exact recipe of the liniment made of essential oils from local herbs, was known only to the Thongtos’s family and the recipe was transmitted from generation to genertion esclusively by the word of mouth.

Namman Muay product line focuses on developing and commercializing life-changing products for professional, amateur athletes and the physically active population for over 85 years.


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